Statement from Founder


My name is Jason Farnsworth, Manager of ALL C’S COLLECTIBLES in Aurora, Colorado.

As the sole comic and collectible store in Aurora we have been directly impacted by the tragic event on July 20th, as several of our customers, friends, employees, and families were involved in the tragedy.

The mission of Aurora Rise is simple- we will try to help make the days ahead of those affected by Century 16 Aurora theater shooting on July 20, 2012 a little bit brighter. We will continue this effort so that no one will ever be forgotten and so that the public will never forget. Our customers, their families and friends, and this community as a whole are dedicated, hard-working people, and as such we’re going to support them in any way we can. We started in August by organizing the Aurora Rise: Benefit Event here at our store. Our work is continuing on with the formation of Aurora Rise as a non-profit organization in Colorado in order to provide direct support to victims who need help.Ideas we’re exploring for future fund-raising endeavors include:

  • silent auctions
  • creator appearances and signings
  • artists sketches
  • donations
  • giveaways

All proceeds from these events will go directly to the victims, their families and/or designated charity or foundation.

We are also very grateful to accept any and all participation by Comic Book Industry professionals.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. All inquiries are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Jason Farnsworth
Aurora, CO