A nonprofit to help the victims of the Aurora Theater Shooting 7/20/12

Friends of Aurora Rise

Aurora Rise has received unbelievable support from the comic book and entertainment industries and others. We’re honored and humbled by the opportunity to be part of this with the ever-growing list of incredible people and companies below. Each has made significant contributions and should be proud of what we’ve accomplished together!

We’ll do our best to recognize all of you who have supported Aurora Rise here. If you don’t see your name listed, let us know. We’re happy to add you to the list.

Thanks again for supporting Aurora Rise and the July 20th victims.

The Movie Tavern – Aurora: Thank you for your continued support and allowing us to host fundraising events through the years.

12 Gage Comics – Boondock Saints H.B. Signed, signed comics
1821 Comics – Multiple items signed by Stan Lee
ACME Comics – Batman, movies
Adam Gates – painting Bat symbol in clouds
Adam Hughes – signed one of a kind, White Queen (canvas)
All C’s Collectables – Ty Lawson shoe, Carlos Gonzalez bat, Comics
Allison Sohn
AMC Movies – movie passes
Americas Bar and Grill / Andy Moriland – Two $25 gift certificates
Anovos Productions / NovoGeek – Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica items
Applebees – gift cards
ARCHAIA – original art, prints, comics, TPB’s
Armeen Shazdani – Aurora Rise Batman poster
Art Baltazar
Arthur Suydam – signed books and prints
B. Ruhland / Comics for giveaways
Baker St. Pub and Grill – gift certificate
Barnes and Noble – Books
Barry Sandoval
Ben Templesmith – “Fell” original page
Bent Fork – gift card
Big Bang Theory – Signed poster and tickets to show taping
Big-O Tires – $100 gift card
Blind Ferret / Absolute Ultimate Gutters H.B. – signed Ryan Soltmer Robertson
Bob Starr – toys, signed comics
Brandon Robins – signed Batman #1 (Scott Snyder)
Brandy Rumiez – jewelry (necklace), signed prints
Brett Booth – original Wonder Woman artwork
Brian & Wendy Froud – signed “Dark Crystal” print
Brian Michael Bendis
C.B. & Potts – gift card
Carrie Gouldin
Celebrity Lanes – gift card
Chad Blakely
Charles and Jeff Cerrito
Charlie Adlard
Chicago Comic Con
Chick-Fil-A- lunches
Chris Houghton – original Reed Gunther page (issue #9 page #5)
Christopher Smith – Captain America sketch (Neal Adams)
Christos Gage – signed comics, trade paperbacks
CiCi’s Pizza – gift card
Cincinnati Comic Con
Coliseum of Comics – Spiderman #1, signed Coliseum of Comics variant
Collector Drawer Boxes – boxes
Colorado Movie Cars
Comics Pro – Walking Dead, Thief of Thieves Variant Comics
DC Comics
Dan Crosier – painted Hulk original art
Daniel Davis & Steam Crow
Daniel Vest – signed print
Danny Kidwell – Bane original artwork
Dark Horse Comics – signed prints ( Adam Hughes, Josh Weeden)
Dave Dorman – prints
Dave Hawksworth / Diamond Comics – high end hard backs, TPB’s, comics, toys
Dave Styer (Geekleetist)
David Garner – signed book, The Road To Justice
David Smith – Batman original artwork
Dean Rankine – signed MAD magazine, Batman prints
Denver Comic Con
Dex Madan – Young Heroes In Love original page, Batman and Robin prints
Diamond Comics / Roger Fletcher – Captain America Guitar, signed books
Diamond Distributors
Diamond Select Toys – Rare prototypes, one-of-a-kind Hulk, Star Trek signed photos
Distortions Unlimited & The Enigma – Enigma mask
Donald and Tonie Ervin – Batman original painting on wood
Dragons Lair Comics / Fantasy Austin, TX – signed books and comics
Drew & Marcia Litton – Rockies original art page, Mike Keef original cartoon page
Dustin Resch – signed and numbered prints
Edward Cherniga – printed original Batman
Elephant Bar – gift card
Embassy Suites – Denver/Aurora
Franco / Baltazar – original signed canvas artwork (Superman, Supergirl and Kitty), signed comics
Fred Bronaugh
Freddys – gift cards
Gail Simone
Graham Nolan – Batman Vs. Bane, trade, re-sketched, signed
Greg Pak – Signed trade paperbacks
Greg Palast – signed book, signed cards
Gregg Perry – Canvas art (X-Men)
Guillermo Zubzaga – signed books
Harley Yee Rare Comics – Hulk 180 (CGC 8.5)
Heritage Auction Galleries
Hot Flips – Top-loaders for prints and original art
I.D.W / Mike Ford – Signed comics / Dare Devil signed born again artist edition “huge”
Image Comics
Ivans – Free haircut gift certificate
J. Scott Campbell
J.T. Krul – signed comics, TPB’s
Jacob Friedfeld / Marvel Comics – signed comics and varients
Jacob Murray & The Big Bang Theory
Jason Tucker
Jeff Balk – hand colored comic book
Jennifer Love Gironda – Original canvas paintings (Star Wars, Star Trek)
Jesse James
Jim Lee
Jimmy Johns – lunches
Joe Jusko – signed prints
John Broglia – two original pages ( Batman and Catwoman & Superman and Lois)
Jon Ascher
Jon Hunt – signed prints
Josh Hechinger – original art
Joshua Great House – Batman original colored artwork
Joshua Viola / Nicholas Karpuk / The Bane of Yoto – signed statues, books, prints
Karen Hallion – shirts
Kelly DeConnick
Kate Kotler / Bleeding Cool – original art pages, signed comics
Knockouts Haircuts for Men – Two $25 gift cirtificates
Krooked Kreations – Two 5 oz. Silver Coins
Legends of Aurora – gift card
Liam Brucker – Signed J. Scott Campbell print
Luxury Lane Soaps – Aurora Rise Benefit Custom-made soap
Marc and Bridget Silvestri
Marc Guggenheim – signed comics, trade paperbacks
Mark and Bridget Silvestri – Cyberforce #13 page #17 original page art
Mark Poulton – Savage Hawkman signed comics, Avengglyne H.B. Signed
Mark Texeira – signed prints
Marvel Comics – Signed comics
Matt Fraction
Matthew K. Manning – The Batman Files ( deluxe edition / signed)
Mel Caylo
Melodye W. Campbell – Glory, TMNT, signed prints, original artwork
Michael Golden – signed sketch book and prints
Mick Grey – Batman and Robin original page ( issue #21 page #13)
Mike McKone – original “Emma Frost” art
Mike Mignola
Motor City Comic Con
Muse Comics – Walking Dead Variants
Nicole Powers – Suicide Girls
Nicole Sixx
Nishan Patel – paperbacks, shirts
ONI Press / Scott Pilgrim – limited edition books, signed prints, prize pack
P. Allor / Comics Experience – graphic novels
Panine Sports Cards – Signed Von Miller, Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, Ect cards
Patrick Scullin – signed prints “we are heroes”, signed comics
Paul Caprio – signed prints
Peter Mayhew
Phil Hester – original Batman art page (issue #3 page #7)
Planet Super Hero – signed LE Alex Ross print
PLB Comics – signed comic books
Qudoba Restaurant – gift cards
R.L. May II (Rob Emm) – original Zantanna Zatarra colored art
Ramon Villalobos – Batman, Rise, original artwork
Random House – Books
Rebecca Hicks – Batgirl Art
Remarkable RLM – original artwork
Renee Witterstaeter – signed books
Richard and Doug Corben – original page ( The Cyclops)
Richard C Clark / zippystudio.com – Witchblade, Batman, Aurora Rise sketch
Richard Corben
Richard P Clark / Darek Paterson – original Batman Arkham pages
Rob Guillory
Robert Elrod
Robert Luedke- signed Aurora Batman prints
Ron Marz – signed comics, Green Lantern figure
Sarah DeLaine
Seth Green – Signed Robot Chicken DVD
Shane Ryan – Red Rubble, artwork
Shelby Robertson
Skybound – Kirman signed Walking Dead watch, shirts, books
Splash page Comic art – Art page
Stan Lee – Signed Amazing Spiderman Poster and more
Stan Lee Collectables – signed Stan Lee prints
Steam Crow – signed print, prize pack
Steve Lipsky – Infantino Batgirl Sketch, George Perez Starfire, comic sketches, Jerry Robinson signed Batman print
Steve Niles
Steven Pulawa – original Batman artwork
Steven Seagle – Ben 10 signed comics, Ben 10 DVDs
Suicide Girls / Scott Ian / Anthrax – Signed band poster
Suicide Girls & Dexter, Syko, Ladonna, Vice, Lacey and Shyla
Super Hero Talent Agency – Pete Woods “Star Wars” print (later signed by Peter Mayhew and Jeremy Bulloch)
Taylor Guitars & The Zac Brown Band- Signed Zac Brown Electric Guitar
Terry’s Comics & Terry O’Neill
Terrys Comics – original Simpsons art, original Alex Nino “God the Dyslexic Dog” page
Texas Road House – gift card
The Enigma & Distortions Unlimited
Theyetee.com – t shirts
Think Geek
Thunderstorm Books – signed and numbered Quartet books
Tim Daniels – Walking Dead signed poster, signed artwork, signed books
Tim Gardner
Tim Moret
Tim Steeley – Signed Hoax Hunters Comics
Tom Sullivan Family – Captain America movie banner
Tone Rodriguez – Batman (Neal Adams Style) original artwork
Top Cow Studios / Silvestri – signed “Darkness” statue, signed comics
Troma / Lloyd Kaufman – Toxic Avenger signed DVD’s
Troma Entertainment
Troy Zurel – original Captain America and Spiderman art
Valient – original ink and sketch pages
Vaughn Reynolds – signed print
Village Inn – lunches
Wil Wheaton
Yaya Han – Prize pack, signed photos, calander, cat ears costume
Zak Kinsella – B.P.R.D. Art
Zenescope – Snow White statue, Grimm Fairy Tales #1 first print, Grimm Fairy Tales #1 Hardback signed, Return to Wonderland hardback signed


Aurora Rise wouldn’t exist without the community of comic fans that came together for Aurora. This list isn’t and will never be complete but will try to include as many of you as possible. These are the individuals responsible for contributing funds or supporting Aurora Rise in other ways.

Alison Berry
Allison Bollig
Andre Ford
Ashley Church
Brandon Axelrod
Branwyn Bigglestone
Brian Lamken
Bruce MacIntosh
Carlette Banks
Chad Richey
Christopher Smith
Crystal Hall
Lisa Manglass
Lisa Sparks
James Kormanik
Janeal S. Bailey
Jason Enright
Jen Genzano
Juan Soria
Julian Konczak
June Ashly
Kevin Corless
Lane Ortiz
Liam Brucker
Linda Hunt
Lisa Sparks
Matthew Greene
Philip Wrede
Randall Golden
Regina Anderson
Richard Jones
Robbie Elliott
Robert Elrod
Sam Sgroi
Timothy Beyeres
William Banks