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Posts made in December, 2012

Lending a hand to Newtown, Connecticut

By on Dec 15, 2012

Dear Aurora Rise Family, There are no words sufficient to describe what we’re all feeling over the senseless violence that took place in CT. Yet another community has been initiated into this grieving family, and our hearts go out to the victims, the families, and the entire community of Newtown. We’ve had several people reach out to us, asking if there are ways to help. We’ve listed resources below for anyone who wants to help out in CT. But, first, you are all amazing. The love and support that people have shown not only to the Aurora victims, but to any other fellow human in need, reaffirms our faith in humanity. The coming weeks in Newtown will be all too familiar to those of us in Aurora. We implore you to reach out, talk to someone if you need to, and deal with your grief in a healthy manner.  We’re all in this together. Please note that Aurora Rise is not endorsing any, or affiliated with, any of the organizations listed below. We’re just passing along information in the hopes that we can all do our part to help. United Way of Western Connecticut United Way of Western Connecticut  and Newtown Savings Bank have created the “‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund” to provide support services to the families and affected community. Their announcement can be read here. Checks may be mailed to: Sandy Hook School Support Fund, c/o Newtown Savings Bank, 39 Main St., Newtown CT 06470. You can also donate by credit card here: https://newtown.uwwesternct.org/ Newtown Youth and Family Services Local Newtown organization Newtown Youth and Family is holding special weekend hours on Saturday, December 15th and Sunday, December 16th from 9-4 p.m. for Emergency Support Services. According to their website, all donations made to Newtown Youth and Family Services will be donated directly to those affected by the shooting. Donations can be sent via “Caroline’s Gift, ” a fund set up in the 1990s by a local family in memory of their daughter. (The Caroline’s Gift fund offers financial support to families who are dealing with a child’s terminal or catastrophic illness.) Newtown Youth and Family Services is located at 15 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482. Donations can...

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End of year thanks

By on Dec 5, 2012

Things have been a little quiet at aurorarise.org, but we’ve been busy! First and foremost, thank you all for your incredible support this year. Our work is far from done, despite the fact that theater shooting victims aren’t the focus of headlines anymore. So many still need help. If you’re looking to do any end-of-year giving, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Aurora Rise. Everything you give will be used towards our mission and work. We have BIG plans for 2013. We’re completing the final steps to convert Aurora Rise from a one-time incredible event to a fully-organized non-profit organization focused on helping any and all victims we can. (Not to bore y’all with the details, but IRS paperwork and IT switches? Not as much fun as it may sound.) People need help, many of whom are still suffering from lost wages, medical bills, unmet counseling needs and more. Next year we plan on expanding our reach by attending 3-4 major Comic Cons, holding several fundraisers, and working with anyone and everyone who wants to hold AR events in their region. The goal? Raising awareness and funds to help as many victims as we can. We still need your help, so please consider donating today to Aurora Rise. Thank you all for your support and patience as we get this worthy cause up and running. Here’s looking forward to a peaceful 2013. Love, All of us at Aurora Rise...

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